Roaring Twenties: The Fascinating 1920 Amatller Artistas de Cine Humoristica Trading Cards

In the 1920s Antoni Amatller (1851-1910), a Spanish and industrialist, came up with a brilliant idea to boost the sales of his chocolates. He produced a series of trading cards featuring film stars from the silent era and included them in packets of chocolates. These trading cards came to be known as Cine en Caramelos Amatller, or Cinema in Amatller Chocolates. For several years in the 1920s and 1930s, many Amatller trading card series were released. This post focuses on the 1920 Amatller Artistas de Cine Humoristica series.

1920 Amatller Artistas De Cine Charlie Chapin (“Charlot”) card shown in a top loader card stand

Amattler Chocolates

Chocolates Amatller was a well-known chocolate company based in Barcelona, Spain. The company was founded in 1797 and became famous for its high-quality chocolate products.

The Series

The 1920 Amatller Artistas de Cine Humoristica trading card series features 40 of the most famous movie stars of the silent film era. These stars included actors such as Mary Pickford, Gloria Swanson, Charlie Chaplin and Rudolph Valentino, among many others (full checklist below). The cards were printed in diverse and bright colors on thin trading card stock.

1920 Amatller Artistas De Cine Gloria Swanson card shown in a top loader card stand

The Popularity

The Cine en Caramelos Amatller trading cards were an instant hit with the public. Children and adults alike would buy packets of chocolates just to get their hands on these coveted trading cards. The popularity of the series continued well into the 1930s, even after the advent of talking films.

1920 Amatller Artistas De Cine Charlie Chaplin (“Charlot”) card back

Rarity and Value

The 1920 Amatller Artistas de Cine Humoristica trading cards are now considered to be very rare and valuable collector’s items. This is due in part to the fact that they were only produced for a short period of time and were only available in limited quantities. In addition, the cards were often discarded by consumers after the chocolate had been consumed, further contributing to their rarity.  Professional Sport Authenticators (PSA) have only graded 17 copies of these cards overall, which is incredibly low for an entire set of cards.

Today, the Cine en Caramelos Amatller trading cards are considered to be valuable collectors’ items. The series is highly sought after by film and card collectors alike. Complete sets of the trading cards are rare and can fetch high prices at auction.

1920 Amatller Artistas De Cine Georges Biscot card shown in a top loader card stand


The Cine en Caramelos Amatller trading card series is a unique and valuable piece of film history. The series is a reminder of a bygone era when silent films ruled the cinema. The trading cards are not just collectors’ items, but also a window into the past to the early days of cinema.


# Name Famous For Born City Born Died
1 Greta Garbo Ninotchka 1905 Stockholm, Sweden 1990
2 Rudolph Valentino The Sheik 1895 Castellaneta, Italy 1926
3 Douglas Fairbanks The Mark of Zorro 1883 Denver, Colorado 1939
4 Lon Chaney The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Phantom of the Opera 1883 Colorado Springs, Colorado 1930
5 Norman Kerry The Phantom of the Opera 1894 Rochester, New York 1956
6 ?
7 John Gilbert The Big Parade 1897 Logan, Utah 1936
8 Tom Mix Riders of the Purple Sage 1880 Mix Run, Pennsylvania 1940
9 Karl Dane The Big Parade 1886 Copenhagen, Denmark 1934
10 Wallace Beery The Champ 1885 Kansas City, Missouri 1949
11 Larry Semon Spuds 1889 West Point, Mississippi 1928
12 Walter Hiers Hard Boiled 1893 London, England 1933
13 ?
14 Ben Turpin The Kid 1869 New Orleans, Louisiana 1940
15 Sessue Hayakawa The Bridge on the River Kwai 1889 Chikura, Chiba, Japan 1973
16 Monte Blue Orphans of the Storm 1887 Indianapolis, Indiana 1963
17 Richard Talmadge The Freshman 1892 Hamburg, Germany 1981
18 Pola Negri The Spanish Dancer 1897 Lipno, Poland 1987
19 Ramon Navarro Ben-Hur 1899 Durango, Mexico 1968
20 Hoot Gibson The Cowboy and the Lady 1892 Tekamah, Nebraska 1962
21 Renee Adoree The Big Parade 1898 Lille, France 1933
22 Raquel Meller La Violetera 1888 Tarazona, Spain 1962
23 Mary Pickford Coquette 1892 Toronto, Canada 1979
24 John Barrymore Grand Hotel 1882 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1942
25 George O’Brien Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans 1899 San Francisco, California 1985
26 Gloria Swanson Sunset Boulevard, Queen Kelly 1899 Chicago, Illinois 1983
27 Alice Terry The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1899 Vincennes, Indiana 1987
28 Charles Ray The Courtship of Miles Standish 1891 Jacksonville, Illinois 1943
29 Adolphe Menjou The Sheik, A Woman of Paris 1890 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1963
30 Mae Murray The Merry Widow, The Delicious Little Devil 1885 Portsmouth, Virginia 1965
31 Fatty Arbuckle The Bell Boy, Out West 1887 Smith Center, Kansas 1933
32 William Hart The Toll Gate, The Captive 1864 Newburgh, New York 1946
33 Bobby Vernon The Floor Below, The Battle of the Century 1897 Chicago, Illinois 1939
34 Georges Biscot The Pawnshop, Easy Street 1881 Paris, France 1949
35 Reginald Denny Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, What Happened to Jones 1891 Richmond, Surrey, England 1967
36 Jackie Coogan The Kid, Oliver Twist 1914 Los Angeles, California 1984
37 Lloyd Hamilton Movie Crazy, Too Many Kisses 1891 Lima, Ohio 1935
38 Snub Pollard It’s a Gift, A Perfect Lady 1889 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 1962
39 Charlie Chaplin City Lights, Modern Times 1889 London, England 1977
40 Harold Lloyd Safety Last!, The Freshman 1893 Burchard, Nebraska 1971

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